Almost all the forests in United Kingdom have ever been affected by logging. Mining needed much wood, we warmed our homes with wood extensively until the mid 1900s, agriculture took the forest utilized for shifting cultivation and grazing, and from the mid-1800s growing forest products produced in United Kingdom.

The use of forests has created goods and wealth, but has also affected ecosystems. As the knowledge of this increase also changes in forestry occurred. From first being focused on different types of nature conservation in connection with regeneration felling, forest management since the early 1990s put more and more effort into developing care about biodiversity in all forest measures incl. action to voluntarily allocate so-called conservation areas.

The result is today thousands of valuable forest areas with voluntary protection under what is called the landscaping. These areas can vary in size from half a hectare and thousand hectares and these are called voluntary provisions.

Our goal is to protect the forests that are left in United Kingdom. We host events and demostrations so follow our blog if you are interested in saving the forests.